Benefits of Menthol Electronic Cigarettes

Feb 25, 2016  

Many smokers have tried and failed to quit their addiction to traditional tobacco cigarettes in order to lead healthier lives. Promoting good health and well-being requires that smokers realize that repeated tobacco consumption will only lead to health complications ranging from chronic illnesses to even premature death.

Using Electronic Cigarettes

With the introduction of electronic cigarettes as a an alternative, the market has been flooded with a variety of devices proven to be cleaner and healthier than their tobacco products. Surveys show that smokers who use electronic cigarettes effectively help to limit (and in many cases eliminate) smoking addictions more than other tobacco cessation devices like nicotine patches or gums.

Electronic cigarettes are device are made to replicate the sensation of smoking tobacco cigarettes without actually having to. The harmful tobacco concentration found in conventional cigarettes is virtually nonexistent in electronic cigarettes. This is arguably one of the better smoking alternatives available today because not only are electronic cigarettes highly customizable in terms of nicotine content but enjoy an affordability that traditional cigarettes simply can’t match. These ingenious devices give smokers the opportunity to not only transition to a cleaner alternative but give them a fighting chance in kicking the habit once and for all.

Menthol-flavored electronic cigarettes

While full flavor enjoys a respectable following in the electronic cigarette market, menthol has become a popular blend all on its own. With its cool-flavored throat hit, the satisfaction smokers get from smoking such a refreshing flavor streaming down the lungs is just as satisfying as that first puff. Derived from the peppermint plant, menthol’s cooling effect is thanks in part to its all-natural taste. Some brands, however, make use of artificial mint-flavoring to enhance the taste. Regardless, menthol flavor enjoys popularity amongst many smokers particularly those in temperate climates. Though, to be fair, a large part of menthol smokers live in a wide variety of environments. Studies have shown that smokers who are struggling to kick their tobacco habit consider smoking menthol cigarettes over full flavored offerings. Recent studies also indicate that smokers who used both full flavored and menthol options were less likely to quit smoking altogether than those who used menthol exclusively.

Although, looking at all of this as an outside observer, it may be difficult to understand why menthol is presumably a popular choice among electronic cigarette users. Aside from scientific studies, menthol in tobacco cigarettes is proven to be highly addictive. This addictiveness is exacerbated with the inclusion of nicotine in the cigarette delivering a powerful sensation of menthol that smokers find highly desirable. Furthermore, since menthol typically has a higher satisfaction rate, full flavored regular tobacco cigarettes are often overlooked. Of course, repeated use of menthol or any other tobacco cigarette can lead to a variety of health problems including respiratory problems like emphysema and pneumonia to deadly heart diseases. While menthol cigarettes are just as deadly as other tobacco cigarettes, it’s the additives found in a cigarette that make tobacco cigarettes lethal. Ammonia, carbon monoxide and thousands of other chemicals are found in traditional tobacco smoke leading the potential dangers smokers face each time they take just one puff.

Medical professionals have determined that in order for menthol lovers to effectively kick their habit is to switch from menthol to full flavored tobacco cigarettes as studies have proven that smokers are more likely to quit when transitioning to different flavors of cigarettes. But why stop there? Why not ditch deadly traditional cigarettes altogether and switch to a cleaner, healthier alternative with electronic cigarettes? There are a myriad of benefits in switching from traditional menthol tobacco to electronic cigarettes.

If your goal is to kick tobacco cigarettes for good, it makes virtually no sense to switch from one tobacco cigarette derivative to the next. Switching from traditional menthol cigarettes to an electronic cigarette option gives you a cleaner alternative without the health risks. Medical professionals claiming that switching flavors will help curb addiction fail to take into account that you’re still consuming tobacco to get to that point. The switch also fails to guarantee that a smoker will quit smoking altogether. Electronic cigarettes offer the same minty cool flavor of traditional cigarettes without the need for tobacco which results in a similarly refreshing experience that won’t destroy your body.

There are numerous amounts of electronic cigarette brands available in the market today and one brand stands above the rest, Smoke Stik. Their menthol flavor is by far one of the most satisfyingly cool flavor options available. Even rival brands variations of menthol pale in comparison to Smoke Stik’s range of e-Liquid. Each menthol option comes in a host of nicotine strengths from high, medium, low, to even a menthol-flavor only option. Cartomizers for Smoke Stik also come in an assortment of custom colors giving smokers a touch of customization. Whatever brand you choose, however, know that kicking the habit doesn’t have to be a long and arduous one. Think smart and consider transition to a menthol electronic cigarette. In doing so, you’ll curb your addiction without having to go through the agonizing withdrawals.

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The Latest Guidelines For Painless E-liquid Nicotine Strategies

Mar 30, 2016  

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The Full-flavors Are An Extremely Pleasant Smoke.

And the wonderful tobacco aroma shines,  very heavy and flavourful, is the most popular kind of e-cigarette liquid --Marl flavour : Like a really full flavoured Mar with its unique and strength flavour. 5 different nicotine densities can be choose. It might not quite feel the same as your favourite pack of cigarettes, but they can offer you something entirely different when you need a smoke at the most inopportune of times. Many of these “flavour crafter” even allow you to pick your

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Straightforward Guidance On Valuable Solutions Of 510 Atomizer

Mar 30, 2016  

Some Emerging Answers For Choosing Necessary Details For 510 Atomizer

A 20-30 minute stop before completing a ride is doable but 7-8 hours is kind of out of the question. Even for cars there are a bunch of different charging standards and most of them other than Tesla are pretty mediocre. One day he came across an ad for a road test editor position in a magazine and 15 years later he is still writing about, travelling on and testing motorcycles.

A well know recent example would be Yamaha's latest R1, which allows the rider to perform a multitude of tasks straight from his smartphone

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Picking Out Logical Secrets Of Stop Smoking

Mar 30, 2016  

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Inside Rapid Programs Of Stop Smoking

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The Challenges Today For Deciding On Aspects In Atomizer

Mar 30, 2016  

Outlines For Finding Critical Aspects For Atomizer

Ingredients of electronic cigarettes are approved my medical departments.

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Some Simple Ideas On Elementary Tactics Of Vape Tanks

Mar 30, 2016  

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Some Simple Guidance On Vape Tanks Systems

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Background Guidelines On Useful Plans For Is Vaping Safe

Mar 30, 2016  

PG Is Thinner Than VG, And Carries Flavor Very Well—the Next Ingredient, Flavorings, Are Usually Suspended In PG.

E-bigarettes as a harm reduction strategy among smokers unwilling to quit, warrants further study.” They range from ridiculous up to 36 milligrams per milliliter—basically a Lucky Strike with the filter ripped off all the way down to nothing at all. Little did she know, her e-cigarette wasn't quite as guilt-free as she'd assumed - as the World Health Organisation is now starting to realise The World Health Organisation has recommended that e-cigarettes be banned indoors Photo:

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Some Great Ideas For Systems In Vaporfi

Mar 30, 2016  

Useful Ideas On Real-world Vaporfi Secrets

According to research, the only negative thing we discover many are complaining about is that the battery does not last long. Tried blu and I hated it. The vape pen style was what kept me satisfied.

I smoked the original Blu for 2 yrs & couldn't be happier.My husband and I loved the old flavors of the blu e-cigs. I realize they are trying to make it taste like pipe tobacco and not a smoke. Do not use if you are not of the legal smoking age or if you are sensitive to nicotine.Too mild and had to draw very hard to get enough smoke and flavor. As

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The Best Advice For Real-world Solutions Of Smokeless Cigarettes

Mar 30, 2016  

Nicotine Is An Alkaloid That Is Naturally Present In Certain Plants.

reveille makes a Tobacco Free Electronic, nicotine delivery device that simulates the sensation of smoking without the worry of taking in cancer causing agents and other harmful chemicals that are normally associated with traditional tobacco products. Huawei Ascend D8 - The Chinese have actually produced this pretty phone with a 5.5” display and high resolution panel, 4GB of RAM and 64GB internal storage space. This device does not need fire to work; instead, it uses electrically charged heat to vaporize flavour

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An Ideas Breakdown On Reasonable Eleaf Methods

Mar 30, 2016  

Products Sold On This Site Is Intended For Adult Smokers.

If you are not legally able to purchase tobacco or nicotine products in the state where you live, please visit another site. iSmoka leaf just Variable Voltage Full Kit Comes With Everything You need to Start aping at A Very affordable Price iSmoka pyre Tank with iSmoka Bottom Duo Coil head is included with this kit just, a new type of e-cigarette by leaf a division of iSmoka, features the brand new ADC atomizer head, the telescopic battery tube and the function of adjusting voltage. Please consult your physician before use. The bottom

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